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How did we get here?

"You should open a restaurant," the enthusiastic cooking students would tell Noy.

We'd mull it over for a week or two, just enough time to let the cons outweigh the pros:

Too much time.
Too much work.
No social life.
Weird hours.

The list went on but little by little the pros were gaining ground:

People would love our food.
We could keep it simple.
Fresh from our garden.
Nobody else does it like this.
Let's either do it or quit talking about it.

March 1994 – Last spring break

The first real questions emerged:

Where should it be?
Where do we get the money?
How do you run a restaurant?

The search for just the right spot was daunting:

"I can see seven other Asian restaurants from here."
"Do you think she really owns this place?"
"No traffic, no kitchen, too expensive."

We couldn't read the ad in the Chinese News but were assured it said "Restaurant Wanted"

"I've got three places to show you," the realtor said.
"Too small, too expensive..."
"Oh, look!"

Sitting in the dining room at Great China we gazed upon a beautiful sight:

"Wow, big hospital, right across the street."
"Could I have a Tsing Tao, please?"
"How many people do you think there are over there?"
"Good neighborhoods, DU too."
"No other Thai place close by."
"If we can't make it here at least we'll know we're in the wrong business."
"Another Tsing Tao please..."

May 1994

So we took plunge.

"How much do we need, and where are we going to get it?"

Cash this in, cash that in. Close, but no restaurant.

"If you have faith in the cook, you'll put in the house." said the real estate guy.

So we put in the house.

It's Ours – Now what?

Lotta work, lotta sweat, lotta friends, lotta ours. And we've been presenting our happy diners with some of the healthiest, most delicious food they've ever had ever since. Come in and give us a taste.

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